Monday, May 4, 2015

Break through pain

Reagan slept in a little this morning. Our nurse that was filling in for us came in at 9am and Reagan started moving around a little but was still asleep. Unfortunately, she had already leaked through her pants and was laying on a wet bed, so we had to get her up and changed. She woke up upset and agitated but oxycodone helped her to settle down and go back to sleep. Unfortunately, there was a lot of break through pain today. The oxycodone only lasted 1-2hrs at a time and then she'd wake up crying and unable to go back to sleep. Lots of flailing, biting, swiping at her face, pulling her hair, and crying her breath away. It's been an awful day. Our nurse had to leave at 2 (to get to her other shift) so we were on our own. Unfortunately, this didn't go so well with a boy who didn't want to nap and had been very whiney/high need all day. I was running up and down the stairs trying to appease each of them (and not doing a very good job with either). Ugh. So stressful. I'm really hoping and praying this is just a one day thing and tomorrow Reagan is going to be feeling much better! It's so hard to see her suffer like this. It just breaks my heart and stresses me out beyond belief! Praying for sleep and a better day for everyone tomorrow!

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