Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Better but still tense/kooky

Today was a much better day for my girl. Whew! These back to back bad days are brutal on us all.  Sleep wasn't great last night and Reagan is still very tense and vocal/kooky, but definitely a huge improvement from Monday & Tuesday! She had PT and speech today and although neither of them were super productive, but at least we tried! One thing her PT did notice...her stander is way out of whack! We don't know if she's grown or it's just shifted when moving or what, but it's not usable the way it is! We're having to get the DME company to come out next week to readjust it! Tons of chorea today. This girl has been moving, moving, moving. She's still really into her hands so we're still having to use her arm restraints more than I'd like, but it's the only way to keep her from shoving both hands down her throat! Thankfully, now that she's not crying anymore, she's not actually biting, so that's good. Tonight I was really hoping she'd settle down and doze off on her own. No such luck. Not even snuggling with mommy in the chair or daddy in bed worked. We finally just had to just put her back in her chair at 12:30am and go to bed. Hoping the blend of sleep oils I used will lull her into a deep sleep but not counting on it! She still looks to be pretty wired! Good night...

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