Monday, May 18, 2015

Awful night

Reagan had an AWFUL night last night. Just awful. She'd doze off with us right beside her holding her arms down, we'd get up, tipee toe back to our bedroom, only to have her start crying the second we laid back down! This happened over and over AND OVER again last night. I have no idea how many times, I lost count! There were definitely periods where she'd sleep for longer little stretches, but in general, we were up and down all night trying to soothe her! No medications were helping and it's hard to tell what she was crying about other than just wanting us beside her. This morning...she was fine. Perfectly fine. A little on the sleepy side and still a little sensitive to sounds and talking, but fine! She had speech first thing, her therapist did have to turn the sound down a little on her computer, but otherwise she tolerated it well. Her PT came in knowing about the sensitivity and she was careful and had a great session. This afternoon she had OT and that went really well too! I'm just so glad she was able to tolerate her therapies and get some much needed stretching in! She's been so crunched up and into her hands, she really needed it! All in all, she's been a good girl. Sweet but still wanting her hands shoved down her throat at all times. No naps today, so I'm REALLY hoping she'll sleep tonight (or at least let us sleep)! On a side note, Ryan had the day off school so we ran by the aquarium and renewed our family membership! He had a blast and I can't wait to take Reagan back!

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