Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another rough one

So today was a pretty rough day as well. Not sure how we got back into having two really bad days in a row again, but we're there, and we hate it. Reagan slept OK. She was back awake again around 4am, but that was far longer than she had slept previously with her pain meds so I was happy with that. She went back to sleep around 4:45 and slept til 6. Not quite what I had hoped for, but whatever. Unfortunately, today has been just about as bad as yesterday. Lots of crying. Just an all around miserable girl. Again we canceled all therapies and just tried to keep her comfortable. It wasn't until tonight that I finally saw a glimpse of improvement. She finally stopped crying and was awake for a long period without requiring any pain meds. She was still very tense and definitely a little kooky, but even gave me a few smiles and laughs, definitely better. This all ended at bedtime. Mike tried laying down with her but she just got super vocal and more kooky. I gave her some clonidine and it definitely didn't help and shortly thereafter she started crying again. Poor thing. It was awful. She didn't doze off until 1.5hrs later when I gave her some oxycodone. Ugh. This is so hard. What is hurting her? Is it psychological? Is it physiological? We don't know. No one knows. Hoping this is the last of it and she wakes up feeling better in the morning. Please keep my sweet girl in your prayers...

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