Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not as serious

Reagan slept well last night, waking up right around 7:30am but then laying quietly in her bed til 8am when her nurse got here. She's still been serious today, but not quite as serious as yesterday. She was very sensitive this morning, specifically to any air on her face (whether it be moving too quickly in front of her or even your breath). She had PT this morning and OT this afternoon and she wasn't super into it. She was more passive, not really wanting to participate in her stretches or activities. She took a nap right around 3pm (just in time to fall asleep for school), but woke up only an hour or so later. Her teacher was still at school so she decided to just come over for a late session. Much to our surprise, Reagan had a really productive session! She was actively participating and using her switch perhaps better than she ever has! She was very intentional with it and her teacher was very impressed! Tonight she's been very laid back and dozed off around 9pm. I moved her to her bed at 10pm and she was OUT. It's looking like another good night's sleep for my girl tonight!

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