Monday, April 6, 2015

Calm, cool, and collected

Reagan slept well last night and woke up very sweet and calm today. She's had a super laid back day. Maybe a little too laid back for Speech...she kept trying to doze off! Then we squeezed in a quick bath and then basically skipped PT and spent the entire time talking to the Freedom Concepts rep about the Chill-out chair we were demoing. We love the idea of a memory foam chair for Reagan, but the design of this chair is severely flawed (for our puts her in the "butt in a bucket" position). Thankfully, the rep said it's highly customizable, so we should be able to get extra layers of foam that we can add or take away (or even cut) until we get her in the position we want her in! He also mentioned another piece of equipment that might be a good positioning option for her and we're just waiting to hear back from him to see if we can trial that. This afternoon, Reagan's teacher and vision teacher came out to take advantage of this good/calm day. She did really well with vision, but was a little less responsive to the school portion! She's really just been super cool and calm all day. And that's why tonight we decided to do her Jamberry pedicure again! We have a set of wraps that are missing (the ones we wanted to put on), but we did put on some cute glitter pink ones (with a heart). Reagan was super patient and put up with multiple attempts on multiple toes!! Such a sweet girl. Tonight she fell asleep on her own and I got her successfully transferred into her bed! Hoping she sleeps well tonight!

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