Friday, April 10, 2015

A good night

Reagan slept well and woke up this morning a little kooky but OK. Still having lots of chorea. She's also been particularly vocal when I am in the room or talking to her nurse (and not necessarily vocal in a good way). No therapies today so it was just an easy going sort of day. She really seemed to mellow a bit after her bath. Tonight, in particular, she's been a lot more calm and laid back. Daddy came home this afternoon after a week in Mexico (for work)! Everyone was very happy to see him. We were very blessed that our nurses stepped in and helped me out while Mike was gone. Every night we had nursing until 10pm which was a huge blessing. And even better, both kiddos really behaved themselves and Mike was safe in not-so-safe Mexico! Thankfully tonight we're all back under one roof and hoping for a great weekend!

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