Thursday, February 5, 2015

What's up?

Reagan slept well in her chair last night...she even slept in a little this morning! When she woke, she was still serious and tense, but ever so slightly better than yesterday. She had OT and PT today and they both took it easy so she was fine. She's been a little stressed but we've just been taking it easy, keeping stressors to a minimum. She has been a little burpy/swallowy at times, we definitely think she's having some reflux or indigestion issues, but we'll take that over nausea. Overall, I would say she was better today than yesterday. What exactly does that mean? We're not sure. Was yesterday a really mild bad day? Is she done with that and improving from here on out? Will she be OK for the walkathon and drive to Houston Saturday???? I have no idea! Please keep her in your prayers! I would love for her to be able to go to the walk on Saturday, especially since she had to skip last year on account of a really awful bad day! Hoping she pulls through and has nothing but great days to come! If anyone would like to join us or donate to the UMDF, follow this link to our team page Rallying for Reagan.
Hopefully our girl will join us in person this year at the Houston walk!

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