Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweet but slightly sensitive

Reagan slept well again last night and woke up still sweet and smiley. Definitely a little less relaxed today though. There were a couple instances where she almost lost it! She did fine with speech this morning and then we were about to brave the cold and go to her orthotic appointment when just talking to her nurse completely set her off! Her eyes got all red and filled with tears! No actual crying, but close. So we canceled the appt and just stayed in (it was too cold to drag her out anyway). She did have OT after that and did fine with that as well. Then tonight just as her nurse was leaving, I don't know if it was the talking or what, but she almost cried again! Eyes filled with tears and she looked all sad! I don't know what that was all about, but she was fine for the rest of the night. Sweet and cuddly. Hoping for another good night's sleep tonight and smiles again tomorrow!

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