Saturday, February 21, 2015

Super calm

Reagan slept well last night but when I went in to see her this morning she was laying there wide awake and trapped on her tummy! At some point she had rolled over and couldn't turn herself back over. And of course the way she was laying was pushing funny on her button causing her tummy to leak all over the bed! Poor girl! She was soaked! She was super sweet and calm though, so I just changed her and she was good. She's been very calm and quiet all day. I've tried my best to get a smile or laugh out of her all day...nothing! She was such a good girl though. Very easy going. Very quiet. Very relaxed. Maybe a little too relaxed! When I would pick her up and try to hold her, she kept choking on her spit! She was fine sitting in her chair, but I hate to keep her in her chair all day! Not to mention, she kept leaning her head way over to the left, I was afraid she was going to get a crick in her neck! She never dozed all day and then tonight she wasn't even really falling asleep despite being up til 11:30pm. Finally, Mike went and laid down with her and she eventually (sort of) dozed off. She kept opening and closing her eyes, but I think she's going to stay asleep! Hoping she wakes up just as sweet and wonderful tomorrow!

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