Friday, February 13, 2015

Still tense

Reagan slept in her chair last night but then proceeded to wake up every hour or so from 12-5:30 and then both she AND her brother were up for the day! She's still been vocal and crazy off and on today, but maybe a little less like she is going to cry. Although, when the teacher came today to work with her, she clearly made it known that she was not having any of that! (She just got super vocal and was doing a high pitched stressed squeal!) Today she was very similar to yesterday, except she seemed to prefer being held. Very needy. She was also sticking her tongue out a lot again but today she seemed very burpy/refluxy (of course it could've had something to do with her fingers being jammed down her throat)! Still very tense in her body. I think her tummy is definitely bothering her. She's been clenching everything in, but today the gas has been coming and it's stinky! Poor girl. Hoping she can relax and get some sleep tonight!
Today wrapped up Ryan's week of attending school (so they could do his evaluation before he turns 3). I was amazed at how well he did with leaving me and how cute he looked with his giant backpack on his back!

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