Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still kooky

Reagan had another very vocal/kooky sort of day today. She woke up right around 6:30am and then would not go back to sleep and definitely preferred having someone by her side. So I reluctantly got up and kept her company until her nurse got her at 8. She had OT this morning and she did really well with it. Then during PT she got increasingly vocal/kooky, but still got some work done. And then this afternoon, well, she was just not having school/vision (for the second week in a row)! She got very agitated/vocal and basically let us know, she was NOT in the mood for it! Thankfully her teacher and vision teacher were able to take the time to look more closely at her eyegaze device so not all was lost. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I'm praying Reagan will be more calm tomorrow for her 23hr EEG, especially since in general she's not a fan of the whole process of putting the electrodes on. We have to be there around 10am and they'll probably start the process of getting her wired up around 11. Please keep her in your prayers! Ryan will get to spend the day with Grandpa and then Mike will come home with him for the night. Then Saturday morning Mike will come back to pick us up! Hoping for an easy going CALM day for my girl!

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charity said...

shes so precious. hoping her eeg goes well