Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sleeping beauty

Reagan slept in a little this morning, but when she woke, she was still sweet and smiley. Still a little sensitive (slightly kooky), but OK. No therapies this morning, so she just took it easy. Maybe a little too easy. She was looking a little sleepy all morning and then finally right around noon she dozed back off. And she was OUT. She just kept sleeping! We had to cancel both OT and school/vision. She was out. Finally around 4:30pm her nurse changed her diaper and she woke up a little. We pretty much forced her awake because she needed a bath. We were able to give her a bath and get her changed and then she dozed back off and slept the rest of the night. Such a sweet girl. She looks like a little sleeping beauty! (I wanted to take a picture but I was afraid I'd wake her up!) Instead I'll leave you with a pic of Ryan forcing us into his tent (again)! He got Grandpa in it this afternoon and then us tonight!

It's tight in there! Not big enough for one adult, let alone two adults AND a toddler!

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