Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vocal and tense

Reagan slept in again this morning. Last night, not long after we transferred her from her bean bag chair to her bed, she made a few moany/fussy noises, but then stayed asleep. This morning we peeked in at her and she was smiling in her sleep. She woke up a little kooky, but still smiling. Very crunchy and tense in her body today. Also VERY vocal. Lots of vocalizations all day today...kooky vocalizations. But she's also been a little sleepy. This morning she actually dozed off in her wheelchair after about 20min of speech therapy! Her nurse transferred her to her bean bag chair where she continued sleeping until right around noon when we had to get her ready to leave for her already rescheduled orthotic appt. She got a little kooky/vocal in the car and at the appointment, but she was OK. We got some new interesting elbow and knee immobilizers (the elbow immobilizers to use on bad days to keep her from biting her hands and the knee immobilizers to work on standing without having to put her in her stander)! They are very different from her old ones and I'm curious to see how we like them. They are made out of foam and stretchy (ace bandage-like) straps so they are a lot thinner and lightweight than her old canvas ones (pedi-wraps), but they have very rigid metal stays in them and even extra ones that you can add onto them. Sounds promising...we'll see. We, unfortunately, got a chance to try them out tonight. She's been super crazy vocal biting her hands all night. Her tummy is giving her major issues. I can hear it gurgling up a storm and she's having machine gun gas, poor thing, she must be miserable! Not sure where we're headed but hoping she's stable by Friday morning for her 24hr EEG! 

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