Saturday, February 14, 2015

Enough with the tension!

Happy Valentines Day! Reagan slept well last night, so that was awesome! Today she's been very much on edge and tense all day. Again. This morning we had take out from our favorite breakfast place in Austin...Kerbey Lane! Best pancakes ever! Ryan loves their cinnamon roll pancakes and he even ate a few pieces of bacon! (He never eats meat!) Reagan continued to be tense and crunchy all day. Constantly cramming her fingers down her throat, we had to put her arm restraint on her to try to keep her from choking herself. Still very needy and sensitive. Made for an interesting night! Mike was cooking scallops and steaks for our valentines day dinner and both kids were super high need and giving us trouble! Ahhhhh a romantic dinner with both kids fussing and crying from the other room! At least the food was good! :) Hoping Reagan will actually sleep tonight!
I'll leave you with a pic from a few months ago! It's too cute to not share again...

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