Monday, February 9, 2015

Biker chic

Reagan slept well last night and had another good one today! She had speech and PT today and did well with both. During PT we were able to get her outside on her bike! We're still having some issues keeping her feet in the pedals, but we think that can be easily solved with some shoes. Now, if only I can find some shoes to fit her high heeled AFOs! She was a little sensitive today and had several instances where she'd just suddenly let out this high pitched squeal! Thankfully she never got over excited. Her body has definitely been more tense today and her temperature regulation has been a bit off (her hands and feet have been ice cold). Hoping she can continue with the good days!

She did not want to keep her head up!

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Cjengo said...

That's so awesome to see her on a bike. That dog is gorgeous. Like a barbie dog!