Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A little sensitive

I think Reagan slept well last night, but who knows. When I got up to walk at 5:30am she was laying in bed awake with all of her covers kicked off (and legs and arms twisted up like a pretzel)! She was quiet and content though, so I just covered her up hoping maybe she'd go back to sleep. When I got back from my walk she was still awake, so Mike just picked her up and put her in her chair. She's had a good day today. This morning she looked pretty sleepy (so maybe she didn't sleep much last night), but she didn't have any therapies so she just took it easy all morning. Then this afternoon she had both OT and school/vision therapy. In OT she got up in her stander for a while, that is, until she had a big poo. She had school/vision right afterward, she did well but they had to be a little careful with her because she was a tad sensitive. The sensitivity reared it's head again when we brought her downstairs when her nurse left! Ryan was singing the ABC's super loud and she promptly burst into tears! We managed to calm her down and she was fine, but she was very tense and zoned out the rest of the night! It definitely seems we're on the verge of bad days. Hoping she can get through this and pull out of it by this weekend for the Houston Energy for Life Walkathon! Last year we had to leave her at home with her nurse because she was having a horrible bad day, we're really hoping she can come this year!

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