Friday, February 27, 2015

"Routine" 23hr EEG

Last night was a looooong night! Reagan would not sleep! She didn't react well to clonidine and refused to lay in bed. We moved her back to her chair where she did eventually doze off. That was short lived though and she was back awake in no time...moaning. She didn't just want company, she wanted to be held! I'd get up and try to console her in her chair...nothing. Still very vocal and upset.  But when I picked her up, she'd instantly fall asleep! Unfortunately, the second I'd put her back down, she'd wake up! Very frustrating. So needless to say, neither of us got much sleep last night and we've had a busy day today. This morning we came in to the hospital just before 10am for Reagan's annual 23hr EEG. They didn't hook her up til 12:30 or so, but they were very accommodating and let her stay in her chair the whole time and we miraculously avoided a major meltdown (when she's already sensitive, that compressed air they use typically sends her right over the edge)! She's been really good all day actually. I've had to keep her left arm restraint on, because she wants to either grab her head or put her hand in her mouth (and I noticed this morning a big crack right along the knuckle of one of her fingers from putting it in her mouth too much)! Of course, now she's just putting her right hand in her mouth too much! She's been such a trouper all day. Still a little kooky, but keeping it in check. It's 11pm right now and she's still going strong (even after clonidine). Hoping she'll fall asleep soon! I'm exhausted! 

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My Vegas said...

Awwwww. Those pics of the two of you... So very sweet!!! She looks so much like her mama!