Saturday, January 31, 2015

Moany and tense

Ugh. Last night was a looooong one! Mike tried getting Reagan to sleep in her bed but she was NOT having it. He eventually transferred her to her chair and we gave her medicine hoping to get her to sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't work (nothing worked). Reagan was super moany and just not wanting to sleep! I was up and down with her all night long. She would calm down or even doze off a little when I was sitting beside her, but as soon as I would get up and try to go back to sleep, she'd start up again. She was pretty miserable the whole night. Lots of moaning. Today, she's been super tense and crunchy (and lots of teeth grinding and lip biting). She was very high need and vocal about it, but she was OK as long as I was holding her. Otherwise, she was on the verge of tears at any moment. It's hard to tell if this was just a mild bad day or a rotten good day (her just trying her best to not go into a bad day). Either way it was not a fun one. And of course, still no weekend nurse. On a good note, we do have a nurse filling in tomorrow and Monday, so at least we'll have some help. Tonight I'm just really hoping and praying Reagan will sleep (so we all can)! 
Even asleep she's tense and biting her lip! Poor thing!

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