Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super sleepy girl

Reagan slept well last night and we found her this morning rolled completely over onto her tummy. She made a little fuss and both Mike and I ran in there, but her eyes were still closed and she was still asleep. She slept a little while longer and then woke up for a bit, just long enough to get her clothes and diaper changed and then dozed right back off again and slept the entire day. During the day she never woke for longer than a few minutes at a time, at which point she'd be super crunchy and wanting to bite on her hand. She'd stay awake long enough to have her diaper changed and then she'd be out again. Tonight she did wake up for about an hour or so. She wasn't fussy, but she was a little vocal and still very crunchy and wanting her hand in her mouth. She eventually dozed back off on her own and we transfered her to her bed without a hitch. Hoping she wakes up feeling rested and instead of crazy! 

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