Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Sleep at last! Reagan finally had a full night's sleep last night! She woke up this morning sweet and smiley and great! She's had a good day today. Looked a little groggy much of the day, but never fell asleep til later. Not much going on. Her teacher came at 1 and she did well with that. Then this afternoon right around 5pm, she finally dozed off. And she was OUT! Mike and I went on a rare date night because Bible study was canceled so we had childcare already lined up! Ryan hung out with Grandpa (or as he's currently saying, peepaw) and Reagan's night nurse was here keeping an eye on her! Reagan never woke up, she'd move and stretch, but she stayed asleep. After we got home, Mike transferred her into her bed no problem. Looks like it's going to be another good night's sleep tonight (fingers crossed)!

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