Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rough start but good day

Reagan woke up this morning around 4am crying! I jumped up, moved her to her chair, and gave her a dose of oxycodone. Thankfully she settled down and fell back to sleep. When she woke back up, she was fine! She's actually had a really good day today. She had speech this morning and continues to do well with the four choice board (only two of which are real choices at this point). Then she had PT and we brought her downstairs and tried out her new tricycle! It took us a while, but we eventually got most of the necessary adjustments made. We are going to have to get smaller foot plates though. She has smaller than average feet and there's just no keeping her feet in those pedals even with the straps on! We were also missing the gloves (the ones that help to keep her hands on the handle bars) a few things we need to get ironed out, but otherwise she looked good in it. Ryan got a little jealous with her being on it, or maybe it was just all of the attention she was getting! Afterward, we blew some bubbles for both of them and Ryan was having a blast with that. Tonight I'm definitely smelling bad day smell on her. I'm not sure if she's fighting them off or what, but hopefully we can continue this good streak!

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