Saturday, January 3, 2015

Restless and vocal

It was a very restless night for my girl! She tossed and turned and was very vocal, but every time I got up to check on her, her eyes were still closed! I think she slept, it was just a very restless sleep (for all of us)! This morning she woke with a smile still on her face and she's been smiling ever since. Very vocal and kooky today. Fighting to keep that hand in her mouth. She was still a little groggy this morning (I wonder why) and took a nice little nap and then another again this afternoon in my lap! She was getting very vocal so I picked her up and held her and she fell asleep and took a nice little nap with Mommy. No nurse this weekend or Monday. Our Sat-Mon nurse no longer wanted to work weekends, so until the agency finds a replacement, we're nurseless. Reagan's still a little snorty/congested sounding and both Mike and Ryan have been sneezing, hopefully it's just allergies! Tonight she's continued to be very vocal (on edge sort of vocal) so I picked her up and held her and again she fell asleep in my arms. She's OUT out, so hopefully she makes the transition to bed! Hoping for a better night's sleep tonight for my girl.

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