Saturday, January 24, 2015


Reagan had a good day today. So happy for a quick recovery for my girl. She's still been pretty serious, but content. We've gotten a few smiles/laughs out of her but we had to work really hard. Still no weekend nurse, but thanks to Grandma, we did get a lot of cleaning and organization done in Reagan's therapy room! Actually in every room...even her closet looks 1000 times better (it's hard to stay organized when you have so many cute outfits)! Christmas is finally down and put away, so sad, but at least it's done. Tonight Grandma and I even got out to watch Into the Woods! Daddy watched the kids and we went to a showing at Alamo Drafthouse! Loved it. My mom and I saw the musical years ago and we loved the movie version even more! Definitely something I'd like to buy and watch over and over again! I'll leave you with more pictures of Ryan and the tent he got for Christmas from Zoey's mom Heather! He LOVES it and his new thing is forcing as many people into it at one time! He grabs a hold of your arm or leg and then leads you over to it. He's climbed in with Daddy, Grandma, Mommy, Mommy and Grandma, Mommy and get the picture (and even though it's definitely not big enough for two adults, we humor him)! But once you're in, he doesn't want to let you out!

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