Monday, January 5, 2015

Sleepless & tense

Last night was another restless one. I don't think Reagan got much sleep at all. We started her off in her bed, but she kept waking back up agitated, flailing, and pulling her hair. We eventually gave up trying to soothe her in bed and moved her to her chair, putting both arm restraints on her. We tried both clonidine and Lortab, nothing really seemed to work to help her settle down or fall asleep! She continued to be very vocal and we just tried to get some sleep. We got up periodically to check on her and try to settle her down, but I'm not sure how much, if any, sleep she got. She did take a little cat nap this morning, but only for 15-20min and then the vocalizations started back up. I gave her some time off from the restraints, but immediately the fingers go back in the mouth and down the throat! (And her poor cheeks and chin are bright red from it all!)  I'm not sure if this is a mild form of "bad days" or if we're just heading that direction? Her tummy is definitely part of the problem, as I've been witnessing quite a bit of gas the last couple days (especially when we pick her up and her tummy crunches in half)! She did a great job of tolerating speech and OT today (and even spent some time in the stander)! And she also was great tolerating her brother (no nurse=a lot more brother time). Tonight she's been super spitty and sticking her tongue out a lot (and biting that lower lip)...I'm hoping that settles down and she can get some sleep!

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Anonymous said...

I am praying that Reagan was able to get some sleep last night, and this isn't a sign of some bad days! Praying too, that the double ear infections and sinus infections that my son, daughter, and myself have been battling stay far away from Texas! On top of my son's bowel issues it's been rough, so I can't imagine what you and poor Reagan have to go through!