Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crunchy but good

Reagan had a good day today. She's been pretty crunchy the last few days and chewing on her fingers a lot, so we've just been trying to keep them away from her as best we can. She's been sweet and snuggly today, lots of cuddling going on. She did have a really great session with her teacher/OT from the school. They worked on waving hi/goodbye and Reagan was apparently waving up a storm! Everyone was really happy with how hard she was working today! Tonight she was great, maybe a little sensitive at times, but overall very good. Brother's hand still looks painful but we're just trying to find a balance in giving him some time with the bandage off as well as trying to keep it covered and protected most of the day. Grandma was not a fan of me posting finger pictures on the blog...just take my word, it's pretty gross! Every time we take the bandage off and Ryan looks at it, he says "Ewwww, YUCK!"

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