Monday, January 26, 2015


Everyone slept in this morning...well, everyone except Daddy! We all got up a little after 8. Reagan was laying in her bed, completely still, arms up above her head, but eyes wide open! And that's how she's been all day. Very laid back and calm. Not a lot of movement. Arms down by her side and only in her mouth on occasion (instead of nonstop). Very still. Very chill, but sweet. A little spitty and doing some licky mouth movements, but I think that may be related to the decreased tone. She had speech this morning and despite wanting to doze off when she got here, she did really well making choices! PT came shortly thereafter and Reagan was still pretty groggy and wanting to doze off. Her therapist was able to get in some good stretching though, so that's good. The rest of the day we just hung out. No nurse today so she spent a lot of time around crazy brother but didn't seem to mind.
Totally relaxed!

Notice the trail of creamer from the floor to the tv! 

This boy has an obsession with creamer,
it's all up his nose and in his eye! 

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