Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Busy day, sleepy night

It's been another calm one! Reagan slept well and was still but awake and smiling when we checked on her this morning. She's had a super busy day of therapies. This morning she was very groggy...she was awake for speech but just barely! Then PT came and woke her up a little with some stretching, but she was still pretty groggy. This afternoon she had private OT and then school & OT! She really did well considering she had so many things crammed into an already groggy sort of day! She did get a little over excited once during school (the Grandma bunny started playing and she started laughing/smiling but once activated it plays for a while and she almost lost it)! She regained her composure though and was fine. She actually was dozing off afterward. Busy day, I don't blame her! She fell asleep in her bean bag chair before her nurse left for the day and then she just kept sleeping! There was one moment, around 9:30pm or so, when she woke up, opened her eyes, acted a little stressed and vocal and then dozed right back off. She didn't even wake up when we moved her to her bed and changed her diaper! Sweet girl! Hoping she gets the rest she needs!

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