Thursday, January 8, 2015

Busy day (new gj tube)

Today was a great day for my girl! She slept a little better. She didn't wake us up til 4am, so hopefully she slept until then. But after that, she was WIDE awake! Very sweet and smiley though. Still wanting her hand constantly, but so cute. She had speech this morning and did well with it...her therapist changed the choice board on her eyegaze to 4 choices (instead of 2) and she was making choices no problem! 4 choices is a little more tricky in that it forces her to look up (or down) and to the right or left (looking up is a little more difficult for her). Of course, two of the boxes were empty (just to simplify everything visually), but she'll eventually work up to 4 full pictures. This afternoon we went in for a tube change. I'm not sure if it's from all of the crunching in half (and tightened tummy muscles) or what, but her tube has been leaking a lot the last couple days. In the last few weeks, we've noticed it being a little more leaky, especially when laying on her tummy or when picking her up and carrying her (and putting pressure on it). It was time for a change anyway (it'll be 4 months on the 11th), but I had it scheduled for next week and went ahead and just called them and asked to move it up. We went through 3 shirts yesterday afternoon alone! It was a great day for it though because this girl has been beyond precious! She was rocking a new Christmas outfit from Grandma (and a diva coat our sweet neighbor gave us years ago) and we did a mini photo shoot in the waiting room. The doctor/radiologist that changed out her tube was not the most skilled, but nevertheless, he got the job done. Her old tube really didn't want to come out, but he eventually eased it out and other than a few winces, Reagan never made a peep! Such a trooper! Then it was straight home for a joint session of vision/school/speech! She did great with them all! Last night she was still just as smiley and sweet as can be. Hoping tonight is the night for sleep!

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charity said...

love her outfit so cute