Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another rough start

Reagan had another rough start to the day today. She slept til 2am this morning, then woke up fussing. I moved her to her chair again and she calmed down right away. I didn't have to give her anything and I'm pretty sure she dozed back off and slept for a few more hours. But this morning when she woke up, we all gathered round and she was NOT happy. We were getting the big lip/frowny face and she was this close to tears! She settled down though (we're pretty sure it was tummy pain), and then she was fine the rest of the day! She had OT and school today and did really well with both. There were a couple times where a particular toy or activity would get her a little too excited and we'd just have to back off a bit and then she'd settle down. Tonight she hung out with her nurse while we went to Bible study and all was good. She dozed off on her own while watching basketball with Daddy (who can blame her) around 10:30! All things considered, it turned out to be another surprisingly good day for my girl!
Working with her eyegaze computer in her stander!

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