Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Very sensitive

Reagan finally had a good night's sleep last night! She woke up this morning smiley, but still very vocal (in not a good way). It's been a very sensitive sort of day. She had PT this morning and OT shortly thereafter because we weren't sure how long she was going to hold out. We really thought she was headed downhill fast! PT didn't go so well, she got very sensitive and we had to cut it short a bit. OT was a little better, but still very sensitive. We canceled school this afternoon, because we thought there was no way she would tolerate it! She made it through the rest of the day/night OK, we just had to be a little careful with her. Tonight we tried her in her bed, but she just got super vocal and just wasn't tolerating it. We moved her to her chair and are hoping maybe she'll doze off!

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