Monday, December 15, 2014

Very calm

Reagan slept well last night. She was still asleep when I went for my walk at 5:50am! About 15min into my walk, I get a call from the nursing agency (never a good thing)! Our nurse is sick and running a fever! Ugh. One, that means we we'll be on our own today but two, this is the nurse that was here on Saturday, so I'm praying Reagan didn't pick anything up from her! Thankfully my girl woke up very calm and collected and she's been super laid back all day long. Still a looking a little gaggy (tongue out, spitty, and smacking her lips a lot), gunky in her throat, but no actual retching or throw ups. She had speech this morning and was a little serious but OK. Afterward she was SO close to falling asleep but then it was time for PT! She didn't get a lot done, but she took advantage of her low tone and did some good stretching on her feet and then put her AFOs on! Then this afternoon she had OT and did really well for that. Her tone is low but her head control is still good, so she was able to get her on the floor and do some mat work with her! She's been quite still and zoned out at times, so I'm really wondering what we might have in store tomorrow. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!!

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