Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Too subdued?

Reagan slept well last night but it was a weird sort of sleep. A couple of times I went in there and she was completely still but opening and closing her eyes off and on. Not sure what that was about. Both kids were still asleep this morning when the nurse got here...that rarely, if ever, happens! She woke up sweet though and has been very calm and still all day. It's funny because even with her being so relaxed, her head control is still really good, and her eye contact and visual focus has been great! When you lay her down though, she turns into a turtle! Crunching at the waist with her legs pulled in to her stomach! Crazy girl! She's been more on the serious side today. Not smiley at all (and occasional laugh) but very subdued. Maybe a little too subdued. The only time I ever see her sitting with her hands palm up and by her side like that are on the "calm before the storm" days. I'm a little nervous as to what that means for tomorrow, but I'm hoping she'll be OK! Prayers that she holds out at least one more day as we have our Bible study Christmas party tomorrow night and I really don't want to leave her if she's not feeling well.
Not sure what this tongue action is about!?!? She didn't do it all day and then she started up with it after her bath and tonight! 

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