Friday, December 5, 2014


Reagan was doing reasonably well last night until we tried to put her to sleep! She was tired but not falling alseep, so Mike laid down with her. She wasn't getting any closer to sleep, so I gave her clonidine. That helped her to get more sleepy, but also more agitated! We had to move her back to her chair and she seemed to calm down, but was crying by the time I crawled back into bed. It was like that all night long. Lots of bursts of crying, me up and down all night, and not a lot of sleep. Reagan slept more this morning and when she woke up around 7:30am, she was giving me some smiles! Still very sensitive, but super sweet and calm, and those smiles just make me melt! She's been a sweetie today! Still very calm and cuddly. Definitely not what we were expecting and now we're really not sure WHAT to expect! Hopefully she just continues to improve over the next couple days and she is able to make her date with Santa Sunday morning! Only one therapy today and she did well with that! She's been super it when she surprises us with better than expected days!! 

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