Friday, December 19, 2014

Sweet sleepy and coughy

Reagan slept in her bed last night and woke up this morning coughy but smiley (I realllly hope she's not getting sick). She's definitely holding more tension in her body. Very crunchy, hands up in her hair a lot. A lot more kicky. But sleepy! She actually slept off and on most of the day! She missed speech this morning because she was snoozing (which was OK because her therapist needed to work on her eyegaze device anyway), but thankfully that was her only therapy scheduled for today! When she was awake, she was still super smiley and sweet, but definitely more tense than she's been in days. That makes me a little nervous, that and the fact that she's been a full week without any bad days (which is super awesome)! Her last one was last Friday...and it was a BAD one. Hopefully she can continue this good streak! I certainly like the idea of her stringing together more good days again. Not sure what any of this means for Christmas. Hoping she can pull out some good days next week so everyone can enjoy the preciousness that we've been experiencing! 

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