Sunday, December 21, 2014

Still very tense

Reagan slept in her chair last night and woke up in a very similar mood to yesterday. Very tense, lots of vocalizations, lots of crunching! Lots of tummy rumbling and gas! But still giving us some smiles and big beautiful eyes! Unfortunately, lots of moaning too. She was definitely happy to see Grandma, but we all had to be careful not to stress her out because even too much talking was causing her to escalate. She was a little more spitty and sticking her tongue out and swallowing a lot, but not nauseous or anything. We had to restrain her left hand most of the day because she wanted to constantly cram it down her throat! We've had to use oxycodone off and on today just to try to settle her down. Sometimes it would help her to sleep, sometimes not. I'm really not sure what to think of these days. Are they mild bad days or are they tense days leading into bad days?? No idea but I'm hoping she's almost done with them! Really hoping for some 100% good days for Christmas eve and Christmas day!

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