Thursday, December 11, 2014

Really great!

Yeah! Reagan stayed in bed all night! Did she sleep? Maybe, a little? But at least she was out of her chair! I did have to go in and move her back under the covers at one point, because she was laying horizontally at the top of her bed! But when I went in to get her this morning, I had a sweet, smiley girl waiting for me! Soooooooo happy to still see smiles! She's been REALLY great today. Very laid back and sweet. She had private OT and then vision & OT from the school this afternoon and she did really well with both. Really well. Her private OT was impressed with how awesome she was today and then she was doing so well with vision, her vision teacher stayed double her alloted time! It was an all around wonderful day for my girl. So thankful for days like these! SO thankful. Hoping she finally gets a good night's sleep tonight (she dozed off on her own while laying beside me on the floor)! Prayers for continued good days are appreciated!

Some action shots! 

Sitting in her "little room" enjoying the lights!

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