Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sweet girl

Reagan finally slept last night! And in her bed! She was a sweet girl today. Still a little tense in her body, sensitive to music on tv (even the slightest bit), and spitty and making some gaggy faces this morning...but still smiling from ear to ear. Not really sure what to expect for Christmas! She hasn't really followed any sort of pattern here in the last couple weeks! She only had one therapy today, OT, but she did well with that. This afternoon we got a very special delivery from Santa! Reagan's new Freedom Concepts Bike! It comes completely assembled so they have to deliver it in this massive box/crate! Can't wait to get her on it! Tonight we were hoping to just relax, watch Christmas movies, and wrap presents but that was not to be! My mom's dog escaped from the house and then we spent what seemed like forever driving around through the neighborhood screaming her name! We had 6 people driving up and down the streets trying to track her down! She's an Afghan Hound so spooked and then took off running like a greyhound! My mom and neighbor eventually found her in a field one neighborhood over (on the other side of a very busy street)! She had worn holes in the pads of her feet from running so fast! She seems to be OK other than bloody feet and being completely exhausted! More excitement than I needed tonight. Reagan has been good tonight, hoping she'll hold out for a good Christmas! 

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