Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tummy trouble

I was still had to go in to give Reagan medicines after we put her in bed. She was resting peacefully, but she'd occasionally stretch and make some strange faces (kinda gaggy, mouth smacking sort of faces). As far as I know, she slept well last night. But when we went in to check on her this morning, she had rolled over onto her tummy and I could smell formula leaking. She was still asleep, but I turned her over (waking her up), and discovered that formula had leaked all over her bed because of her pushing her button in an awkward position. We picked her up and moved her in to her therapy room, but just the act of picking her up encouraged her to poo! So then we ended up with a huge leaky poo diaper! We decided to just do a bath right then and there! So my girl got all nice and cleaned up first thing this morning and then looked sleepy the rest of the morning but never fell alseep. Then this afternoon, her nurse heard a rumble and thought another poo might be imminent, but then all of a sudden she had a throw up! Ugh. Not happy about that. I don't remember the last time she threw up! She did finally fall asleep afterwards and slept for a little stretch this afternoon. She was a little burpy this afternoon, but never got sick again. Tonight she was very calm and laid back, but her tummy was making some serious noise! I kept hearing it rumble over and over again! I helped her to go potty again (her third of the day), let's just say she's a clencher! She must've felt better afterward though because she dozed off shortly thereafter! Hoping she can still get a good night's sleep tonight with that over active tummy! 

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