Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas

Reagan had a great day today! She slept well and woke up smiling...what more could we ask for!?!? Not only did she wake happy, she was a sweet smiley girl the entire day! We got a late start with gift opening because my sister didn't get here til 10:30am, but there were so many presents, it took us until 3pm to finish! Ryan was very whiney/moany (I still wonder if maybe he is coming down with something), but he was also on total toy overload! We definitely should have spread this out over several days, maybe two weeks or so! There were just too many presents for him to take in! Reagan got a ton of gifts as well, and so many clothes, we're going to have to clear out closet space to make room for them! Reagan continued smiling all night, but she has had a few signs of being a little "off" (sweating her back wet multiple times was just one of them). Hoping my girl can hang on and continue with good days! It's been two weeks since her last real bad day.

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