Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Calm day, not so calm tonight

Reagan slept well and woke up super calm again today! Very still, at times looking sleepy, but she never slept. She had PT and Speech today. PT went really well and while her speech therapist was here, the Tobii rep came out to help set up her new device. A couple of the mounts (the floor mount) is missing and the mount that did come (the wheelchair mount) is completely unassembled and they don't help with that at all (you'd think buying a $15,000 computer from them, they'd assemble the mount right)! We were also having some issues getting all of the stuff her therapist has already set up for her transferred to the new computer, but turns out it was just a bad jump drive! So everything is transferred and we're just using the old floor mount until they figure out what happened to ours! Tonight Reagan was really giving us some issues in the sleep department. After being chill all day, tonight when it was time for bed she was getting agitated. Mike laid down with her but we had to just move her to her chair. It's not looking like a sleeping sort of night tonight. Not sure where she's headed with this...

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