Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Busy day, smiley girl

Not much sleep last night for my girl. Thankfully, she let us sleep (for the most part, I still got up a few times to check on her). Today has been a better day for her! She's still vocal, but not in the "I'm about to freak out" sort of way. Definitely less sensitive overall, but we were also very careful around her. She did really well and tolerated FOUR therapies today! She started off a little sensitive and just got more laid back as the day went on. During speech she made 21 choices! A new personal best! Then she had PT and did some tummy time among other things. Then in the afternoon she had OT and even spent some time in her stander. And finished up the day with an hour of school! Busy, busy day! She's been a trooper! Tonight I stayed upstairs with her because Mike is coming down with a cold or something, so the last thing we need is a sick girl! She's still really gnawing at that hand and we're seeing the beginning of a blister on her thumb! She's so tricky though, I hide her hand away from her and the next thing I know, she's sneaked it back out! Tonight she's still pretty vocal and not falling asleep! I gave her some clonidine and I'm hoping I can get her to sleep in her bed! She needs some time out of this chair!

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