Sunday, November 30, 2014

Too tense to go

Reagan slept last night (in her chair) but woke up crying again around 5am. Thankfully I had one more dose of Lortab left and I gave that to her and it seemed to help settle her down and she fell back to sleep. When she woke back up, she was tense, but not crying any more. She was very serious/tense all morning/afternoon. Since she wasn't crying anymore, we were able to take her arm restraints off and give her her hands back! Unfortunately, she never cheered up enough where we felt comfortable with the idea of taking her to the Reindeer Run (benefiting the All Abilities Park we like to go to). Today was Grandma's birthday, so what do I do, I signed her up to run a 5k with me! It started at 5:30pm and had us running through the same park where they had the Mito Energy for Life walk, but now they have the streets all decorated with Christmas light displays. I thought it would be a neat run for Reagan & Ryan and that they would enjoy the lights...I also thought it would help distract me, since I'm used to running with my running partner (who skipped this race because she had just done a turkey trot a few days earlier). Yes, Ryan LOVED the lights, but not enough to keep him from whining and throwing things out of his stroller. And Grandma battled the stroller the whole way, with her back spasming, apparently she was texting me begging for help (but my cell phone wasn't working)...happy birthday to her! I ran a good pace, but let's just say the course was not at all flat like the people had said, and the lights weren't at all distracting (I hardly even noticed them). I was ready to quit, but kept plugging along and could barely walk afterward! So another 5k DONE! Reagan didn't get to come like I had hoped, but the course was so undulating, I would have had a hard time pushing her! When we got home, she was much more relaxed (time away from her toddler brother will do that), so I definitely think she's headed in the right direction. Now, hopefully we can get her in her bed tonight!  

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