Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smiley and sweet

It's been a good day for my girl, but super busy!  She's been super smiley and sweet. Very crunchy with hands in the mouth a lot.  She woke around 7am and then had an early session of OT. Shortly thereafter she had speech which was then followed by a visit from the vision therapist/teacher. We then hurried over to imaging to get a few xrays done. I forgot to mention but she had an appt last week with endocrinology (Tues Nov4). It was just a routine checkup but basically she said that all of the blood work and bone age workup showed that Reagan is in fact going through puberty. She did want to recheck her bone age (an xray of the hand) and also wanted her to start on a Vit D supplement (which we're just adding to her formula). Then since she's got an appt scheduled with PM&R next week and needed to get hip xrays and a scoliosis workup done, we figured we'd do everything all at once. Reagan was in a good mood, so we managed to get an appt and ran in after all of her therapies. Brother was napping in the car, so I sent Reagan and her nurse in where they then had to wait and wait and wait! Finally Reagan was beginning to get agitated (super vocal like she might freak out), so her nurse got them to move her to a smaller waiting room. There was a lot of confusion about the scoliosis check because apparently it's usually performed with the child standing...well since that's obviously impossible, they were a bit confused on how to proceed! Eventually they figured it out and we could leave. Hopefully the doctors get what they needed. After she got back home, she had "school" with her old teacher and her new teacher (shadowing). It's been SUCH a busy day but she has been quite the trooper!  More vocal as the day has gone on. Tonight she was getting super vocal and sounded like she might freak out, but Mike picked her up and she just fell asleep in his arms! Sometimes I really think she vocalizes like that because she wants our undivided attention and she doesn't stop until she gets it!! Such a cutie!
Serious love for this girl!! 


Clarissa said...

she is so beautiful!
we haven't been very aggressive is trying to get in-home therapy for Abigail, but when I have brought it up, I've been shot down by her pedi... ugh! I do wish she could get some sort of in-home therapy, at least 1x a week, just to see how she does! We brought Abi to the eye doct on Wednesday and she needs glasses (we figured this for years, but it kept getting put on the back burner), anyway, we are excited to get the glasses in hopes that they help her interect better! Abigail got the blood work and bone xray to check for puberty because of things she has happening, but they said she is not going through puberty! Weird! So confused sometimes how what to think about docs. Just want what is best for my girl! Praying for Reagan!

Clarissa said...

sorry for typos! :p