Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sleepy but much better

Reagan slept last night. Sure it was in her chair and sure she woke up me up moaning every hour and a half or so, but each time I'd jump up and run into her room, she'd already be back asleep! When she actually woke up this morning, she was tense but calm. No more crying, thank God. She also was still very groggy and wasn't awake for long before falling back to sleep and then sleeping most of the day. So today was a sleepy day. I guess her body needs these sorts of days to recover from her bad days. She woke up tonight and was awake for a couple of hours. She was very serious, but loads better than yesterday. She fell back to sleep around 9pm and we were eventually able to transfer her into her bed! So thankful for such a quick turnaround! Wishing my girl a good night's sleep tonight and an even better tomorrow!

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