Monday, November 17, 2014

Sleep but bad day

Well my girl FINALLY got some sleep last bed no less! She was a little restless, but she stayed asleep (I knew she was going to stay asleep because she was sleeping with her hands up over her head...she only does that when she's sleeping well). Unfortunately, all did not end well...she woke up this morning around 8am crying! We've been seeing some signs of impending bad days, cold hands/feet, increased sensitivity, & sleepless nights, but I hate to ever mention it, in hopes that she'll prove us wrong and hold out for another several good days!! That didn't happen today. Exactly one week since her last bad day, today was definitely a rough one on my girl. We kept the arm restraint on her left arm, she was very bitey, but also still swiping at her already raw face. Poor girl. It was not good. Thankfully alternating her Lortab/clonidine helped to keep her out of pain and asleep most of the day. So with Reagan miserable, we were homebound all day. Mike was able to help my mom out with some home improvement repairs (he changed out 3 lights, one ceiling fan, a thermostat, & installed a dimmer switch)! While Ryan was napping my mom and I slipped out for a little post-birthday shopping for running gear. Tonight we're leaving her in her chair in hopes that she'll stay asleep and wake up feeling loads better! Please keep her in your prayers!

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