Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rough day, but better tonight

So I was really expecting today to be a good day. It seems like lately Reagan only has been having one bad day and she's already better by the next day. That didn't happen today. For one, she was up a lot last night. Crying, moaning, just plain miserable. She slept a little this morning and was still asleep when the nurse got here. Unfortunately, it was our new PRN nurse's first day and she had a rough one. Thankfully, she's a good, experienced nurse and it didn't really phase her much. Reagan slept off and on all morning (with the help of medication), but then had a period this afternoon that was REALLY rough. Lots of screaming, flailing, was bad. Her nurse was definitely a little concerned. But she eventually got over it and then tonight, right as the nurse was leaving, she seemed to turn the corner. She had a little smile and just looked content. Tonight we even got some laughs out of her! Such a relief to see her feeling better. Whew! We are all going to sleep better tonight. Hoping my girl can get a good night's rest in her bed tonight! Thank you for your prayers!

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