Friday, November 7, 2014

A bit serious but good

Reagan woke up very calm this morning. Still no smiles, but very calm and collected. She had speech this morning...not sure how that went (I was outside with Ryan). Afterward we decided to take advantage of this laid back attitude and we loaded everyone up for a trip to the All Abilities Park in Round Rock. Ryan had a blast and I think Reagan probably enjoyed being out in the fresh air (although she was hard to read). I know they call this an "all abilities" park but I'm finding that there are some definite improvements they could make to make it more accessible to everyone. First and foremost, I hate their special needs swings! The hard harness on them gives absolutely no support whatsoever and seem to be better suited for an adult! They also are completely vertical. There is no tilt to them whatsoever! So Reagan kept falling out of it. It was not a good swing for her or anyone with poor head/trunk control. The swings are also in a completely unshaded area. It's VERY sunny and even though the weather was beautiful, we could only attempt to use the swing for a few minutes because of the blinding sun! There was another type of swing, but again, it was just too hard with not enough support for her to use without assistance. Reagan's nurse held her on it and I pushed them for a while. She seemed to enjoy that, although I think she could have done without the fast moving, noisy train that passed by the park every 10min or so! Ryan was enjoying running a muck with other kids. There was one little girl in particular who kept coming near him who he seemed to like. It wasn't very busy and I was happy to see that there weren't very many coughing kids out and about.  It would also be nice if there were some hand sanitizers throughout the park (wipes and gel), because there are kids all over this equipment and we had to wipe everything down with our own wipes before allowing Reagan on the equipment. Anyway...just my two cents worth! We had a good time and got back in time to get brother down for a nap! No school today because her teacher was left stranded with a dead car! Tonight we just took it easy and I cuddled my girl til she was out cold! She's my sweetie! 

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