Sunday, November 9, 2014

Loosey goosey

Reagan slept well again last night. She woke right around 8am and she was super calm. Just laying there completely still in her bed, but awake. She's been that way all day. Very still. Very calm (I could get a laugh but I had to try hard). Very relaxed. Almost too relaxed! Her whole body was loosey she was super spitty and would occasionally choke on it. This morning we ventured back to church with Ryan and were grateful to find a very kind, experienced lady in charge of his newly assigned room. Hopefully this will be a good fit for him and we won't have to stress about what's going on while we're in church. This afternoon we loaded everyone up in the car and went for a scenic drive through the hill country. We drove through the Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge (that's not too far away from our house) and saw some beautiful landscapes...we'll definitely be going back there when we have more time! Tonight my sweet girl fell asleep in her chair before I could even pick her up! Such a doll. Hoping that we've still got more good days to come (and that this isn't the calm before the storm)...very busy day of therapies tomorrow!

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