Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ICE cold but better

Reagan slept well last night in her chair. I didn't have to give her any more medicine last night and when she woke up, she was MUCH improved. She was a little serious, but seemed very calm (and obviously no more crying). We decided to go ahead and attempt an outing, so we drove to Grapevine to the Gaylord Resort for their ICE! Frosty the Snowman exhibit. It was a little windy/cold when we first got out of the car and Reagan almost got a little too excited. Thankfully we were able to get her in quickly and in front of a fireplace to warm up. My sister met us there and we headed through the hotel's Christmas wonderland to get to the exhibit. There was some loud music playing at the beginning of the exhibit (they had Frosty the Snowman playing), so we went ahead and put her noise canceling headphones on. As we entered, they gave us all parkas to wear (we all had on big coats already) because they keep it 9 degrees inside the exhibit to keep all of the ice sculptures from melting. Ryan threw a huge fit just as we were entering the exhibit so Mike had to carry him through most of it. It was SO COLD!!! Our hands and faces were seriously frozen. I feel like we couldn't really enjoy how neat it all was because we were SO COLD!! Ryan willingly went down the ice slide and then Mike and my sister followed and then I caved and went too. It was very fast! I'm surprised that Ryan did it twice! By the end we were just all happy to get out of there!Afterwards, we had lunch in the atrium of the hotel right beside the giant gingerbread house! Reagan did great with everything! I'm so glad we were able to get out and do something today (unfortunately my mom couldn't join us as she had to work)! Reagan really turned it around today. Tomorrow we head back home!

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